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1.	How do I redeem my coupons / vouchers?
You register on our webpage or our APP. Upon receiving verification that your application was successful; you can browse through the coupons available on our platform on your own accord. If you are purchasing items in a physical store with our platforms, open GOOOOOD APP and press Redeem. You then scan the shop's QR code to confirm a successful use of your coupon. If you are shopping online, you can use the relevant code on our webpage or our APP, insert the code on the online store and make good use of our coupons!

2.	Can I use / download coupons/vouchers more than once?

Because there are a limited number of coupons, every user can only use a downloaded coupon once. However, there are many other coupons available on our webpage, do not miss out on them!

3.	Do I have to pay for any fee to use this platform?

It is free to use our GOOOOOD platform. After registration, you can search for good shops and download coupons. The use of coupons at a shop is strictly a transaction involving the merchant and the user only. If you have more enquiries pertaining to the usage of coupons at shops, please contact the respective shop directly.

4.	How many percentage of my money will be used to donate to charities? When you purchase goods at a store, the service fee to GOOOOOD platform comes from the store from which you have purchased goods! GOOOOOD receives payment from the store, of which 50% would be donated to charity.

5.	How many charities can I support?

Every user can support up to 5 charities of their preference.

6.	Can I change my charity's preference?

You can do so by going on our website, select "Charity Partners" and edit the charity you would want to support.

7.	How do I download coupons/vouchers when using the app?

After registration as a user, you can browse through different types of coupons. You can find out the details of the coupon by clicking on the respective icon. To download, simply click the cloud icon on the right.

8.	Within the 50% service fee donated by GOOOOOD, how much will each charity receive?

When a merchant uses the GOOOOOD platform, they will pay a service fee, the amount of which is determined by the merchant. GOOOOOD would then give half of what is received to the charities specified. If the user specifies 100% of the donation should go to charity A, then, for example, if GOOOOOD receives $10 from the merchant, $5 would go to charity A.

9.	What does "follow" a merchant partner mean?

If you "follow" a merchant partner, you will be notified of all the coupons they put out.

10.	Do I have to pay for an annual fee for my registered account?

Using GOOOOOD's service is free! Even if you are a registered user, browsing, downloading, and using coupons is completely free of charge.

11.	Is the application available in other languages?

We currently only have English as the only available language. Because GOOOOOD is an international platform, it can be accessed from any country in the world.

12.	What if my favourite charity is not on your list?

You are very welcome to email us with suggestions! You can also send an email to the charity you wish to support and invite them to join GOOOOOD.

If you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact us at hello@goooood.co. Thank you very much!